• Inorganic zinc silicate paint

    Inorganic zinc silicate paint

    Product Alias Inorganic zinc silicate primer, inorganic zinc silicate anti-corrosion primer, inorganic zinc silicate anti-rust primer, high temperature resistant primer, high temperature resistant zinc silicate primer, alcohol solub...
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  • School Recreation Flooring

    School Recreation Flooring

    School Recreation Ground Artificial TurfArtificial turf - casting the vividness of the four seasons compared to natural grass, artificial turf life is long, generally up to 8-10 years or more; and easy maintenance, less cost, high frequency of us...
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  • High strength cement self-levelling

    High strength cement self-levelling

    Detailed information By special cement, selected aggregates, fillers and a variety of additives, and water mixing with mobility or slightly auxiliary paving spread can flow levelling of the ground with materials. Suitable for fine le...
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  • Diamond sand wear-resistant flooring

    Diamond sand wear-resistant flooring

    Detailed information According to the aggregate powder is divided into metal, non-metallic wear-resistant hardened aggregate, which consists of certain particle gradation of metal mineral aggregate or extremely wear-resistant non-fer...
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  • Colourful sealer flooring

    Colourful sealer flooring

    Detailed information What is concrete sealer? Penetrate into the concrete inside the compound and has been set in the concrete contained in the semi-hydrated cement, free calcium, silicon oxide and other substances through a series o...
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  • Sealer flooring

    Sealer flooring

    What is a concrete sealer? The compounds that penetrate into the concrete react with the semi-hydrated cement, free calcium, silicon oxide and other substances contained in the set concrete in a series of complex chemical reactions t...
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  • Water-based epoxy flooring

    Water-based epoxy flooring

    Special scope of application Underground car parks, electronic factories, food processing plants, cold rooms, freezers, offices and other industries in the design of painting schemes. Performance...
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  • Epoxy cement penetrant flooring

    Epoxy cement penetrant flooring

    Scope of application Load workshop, machinery factory, garage, toy factory, warehouse, paper factory, garment factory, screen printing factory, office and other places. Product characteristics ...
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  • Epoxy self-levelling flooring

    Epoxy self-levelling flooring

    Scope of application ◇ Entertainment places and residential buildings, public places, organ buildings and commercial buildings; ◇ Machinery factories, chemical plants, garages, docks, loadshops, printing plants; ◇ Operating theatres,...
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  • Wear-resistant economic epoxy flooring

    Wear-resistant economic epoxy flooring

    Scope of application ◇ Industrial plants without heavy loads, such as electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, chemical industry, medicine, textile, clothing, tobacco and other industries. ◇ Cement or terrazzo floors in warehou...
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  • Pressure-resistant mortar type epoxy flooring

    Pressure-resistant mortar type epoxy flooring

    Scope of application ◇ Used in workplaces where the environment requires resistance to abrasion, impact and heavy pressure. ◇ Machinery factories, chemical factories, garages, wharves, load-carrying workshops, printing factories; ◇ F...
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  • Self-levelling cement flooring 1

    Self-levelling cement flooring 1

    Self-levelling cement (cement-based self-levelling/self-levelling mortar/levelling mortar): a high-tech and environmentally friendly product with high technological content and complex technical links. It is a dry-mixed powdery material composed of a variety of active in...
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